How to get started

You can get access to telehealth to free therapy services with just one call.


Getting started is easy.

Call us direct at 509-300-1113.
The intake process takes about 5 minutes. After electronically completing a few documents, you will be connected to your counselor and your first counseling session will be within one week.

Are finances tough?
UVCares appreciates each person’s decision to take the steps to become emotionally happy and we do not want finances to be a concern. Each client will pay only what they can afford. Everyone receives the same high level of services regardless of their ability to pay.

Education of mental health that focuses on personal awareness of the need for services as well as biases is accomplished through community outreach programs.

UVCares supports evidence-based methods of treatment, and firmly believes in the importance, parity, and interrelation of physical and mental health and that everyone deserves to be happy and healthy.