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We support community behavioral healthcare needs.

UVCares offers mental health and addiction recovery healthcare.

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Drug and Alcohol Addiction & Recovery Program

Individual and group therapy focused on substance use disorder with biological testing. To resolve the underlying issues associated with addiction we incorporate mental health counseling.  

  • Multidisciplinary setting interfacing with adolescents, adults, and family units.  
  • Rural community focus, yet also includes clients from large metropolitan communities. 
  • Flexible day and evening hours.
  • Self-referred & Court-ordered.

Mental healthcare for adults, adolescents, individuals, couples, and family units

Evidence-based cognitive therapy provided via telehealth. 

  • Ages 6+ throughout the life continuum.  
  • Flexible day and evening hours.
  • Specialty areas include cognitive behavioral, art, drama, dementia, and elder population.

School Therapy Program

Therapy is provided throughout Washington State School Districts.

  • Multidisciplinary setting interfacing with students, teachers, families, and staff. 
  • Multi-faceted psychological testing with students to enhance the academic needs and posturing for student success.

Group Therapy

  • Multidisciplinary settings that include adults and adolescents (adults and adolescents are in separate groups).  
  • Flexible day and evening hours.